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The Boston Invite

June 27th, 2005 by Marshall

We could have been satisfied coming out of the Invite without winning: nowhere in the team’s list of goals is “win the Boston Invite”. It was more important to make roster decisions and start really coming together as a team. But winning is more fun than losing. There’s a big, if lightweight, trophy in my living room and a bunch of happy teammates with hoarse voices and sunburns scattered around the area.

Only a little analysis here (more discussion later this week), but if you’re curious how the tournament when for 6TM, go ahead and read…
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June 22nd, 2005 by Marshall

Ok, so I actually TiVo’d my way through a bunch of the show where they counted down AFI’s list of the top 100 movie quotes in history. I think the AFI people have an irrational attachment to old movies, but some of those movies are good and the list is probably just there to spark debate and keep people paying attention to AFI anyway.

Just like everyone else, I missed some of my favorites and appreciated some of their list. But one selection stuck with me. From 2001: A Space Oddysey, they picked “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” What? Isn’t “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” just a WAY better quote? I mean, I haven’t ever SEEN the movie and I quote the line. But, as usual, what do I know…

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Rob Sheppard may be right, and that’s too bad.

June 18th, 2005 by Marshall

In the latest Outdoor Photographer, Rob Sheppard’s article “Color Space Wars” (online here) says more about who he thinks his target audience is than it offers information about Color Management. And I think the conclusions are unfortunate.

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Why the hell don’t I have a digital camera?

June 16th, 2005 by Marshall

I get asked this question a lot. People at the camera club think I’m a digital expert – I’m not: I’m an advanced/intermediate user with regards to image editing. I have limited knowledge about RAW conversion, which is a key part of digital capture. I am oriented to digital capture: I like it in concept and recognize its advantages. So why am I falling behind the curve and don’t have a digital SLR yet?!?
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Kill your offense: a How-To.

June 15th, 2005 by Marshall

Jim and Zaz say that “cutters are the lifeblood of an offense” (or something close to that, I don’t have the manual with me). Moonee wrote a great series on Conceptual Ultimate like 8 years ago on r.s.d. which reinforced the importance of goal-scorers and supports that idea. (My favorite of the posts is here.)

A central point seems to be that without good cutting, you’re screwed. So why is it so damn hard? Here I’m thinking about a few errors that (mostly non-expert) cutters seem consistently to make.
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in concept it might be ok…

June 14th, 2005 by Marshall

…but the reality of Haagen Dazs’ Banana Split Ice Cream is a little weird.

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Easterns and Coaching Spacing

June 6th, 2005 by Marshall

A little about our middling showing at Easterns and a question about how people learn good spacing both individually and as a team.
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Curves and Elements

June 4th, 2005 by Marshall

Curves are the shiz-nit for tonal adjustment. Brightness and Contrast are easy to understand, but suck for real image editing. Levels is great, but is still a big hammer with some serious control limitations. Curves is where most of the real tonal adjustment happens. So why isn’t it in Elements?
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Patchwork Stitching 1

June 1st, 2005 by Marshall

One image: 100 pictures, give or take.

100:1, give or take...
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