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Worlds, Day 5

August 8th, 2008 by Marshall

Today: Great Britain and Venezuela.  Very little ultimate-watching given that we were on remote fields, but had a nice walk on the beach.  Great Britain said themselves that they were crap; they made a number of unforced errors but like every team were very spirited afterward (and during).  Venezuela played hard, scored some points, and then played drums and danced and sang.  They are deservedly well-known for their high spirit.

Thus endeth pool play.  9-0 in pool play at the World Championships is an accomplishment.  But as of the end of pool play, it doesn’t mean anything.  Whatever is going to happen, happens tomorrow.  10:30, semifinal vs. New Zealand.  The other semi is Canada vs. Australia, but to think beyond our semifinal smacks of chicken-counting and I won’t go there.

I will hopefully sleep.


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