About me


My interest in making pictures is often in direct competition with my natural tendencies to be sedentary and not get wet. Nonetheless, I find that the best pictures I create come from the times when I am my most active. The more engaged I am, the more that dynamic energy translates into the photographs.

Though I have an appreciation for pure, straight photography, I also like to explore techniques both mechanical and digital for stretching the way I can see in photographs. Sometimes that means reaching into the pictorialist playbook or spending time staring at the computer screen, but almost always with the goal of a photographic print.

Ultimately, great photography can do many things, but two are chief in my thinking. First, it can show you things you haven't seen. Second, it can help you see familiar scenes in ways that you’ve not seen them before. If I accomplish either of those goals, then I like to think I’ve succeeded.

To reach me, try emailing: mg (at) marshallgoff (dot) com.


Other stuff I do

I've got a text blog where I occasionally muse on photography, ultimate frisbee, or other random things.

I'm going to experiment with a photo blog if I can get the archives working.